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Builder's Guides

Welcome to the builder's section of the Kusama Guide.

Here, you will discover many development tools and resources in the Kusama ecosystem. We are always adding new tools and frameworks as we learn about them, so if you are working on something that should be included, please reach out to us on Element. This section of the wiki is divided into the following parts:

Development Guide

Tools & Resources

  • Tools - Maintained list of tools.
  • Subkey - Command line utility for generating and inspecting key pairs.
  • JS tools - TypeScript tools for offline signing of transactions, RPC calls, and more.
  • Examples - Example projects sourced from the community -- see what others are building.


  • Grants - Information regarding grants and funding sources available in the Kusama ecosystem.


Polkadot Contracts Proposals (PCPs) are standards for smart contracts in the Polkadot ecosystem.