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Getting Started

It's time to get started on the Kusama network! Please check out our recommended list for getting started.

For brand-new learners of Blockchain technology:

  • The Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC course is a great introduction to start familiarizing yourself with blockchain concepts such as cryptography and networks, and how these play into things like decentralization and cryptocurrency.

    This is recommended for users with backgrounds of all levels, and the course is free!

For brand-new learners of Kusama, check out:

For brand-new learners of Kusama's cousin network, Polkadot, please head over to our Polkadot Wiki.

While Kusama does not support smart contracts natively, building apps on it is still possible (example: If you're interested in diving deeper into proper development, however, the builders guide from Polkadot's wiki applies to Kusama as well.