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Kusama Network: User Guide

Expect Chaos

What is Kusama?

Kusama is a canary network for developers to run experiments in a Polkadot-like environment. Think of Kusama as an early proving ground for things like upgradeable runtimes, on-chain governance, and parachains.

Have fun on Kusama! Explore the politics, hone your validator setup, campaign for the council, or vie for a parachain spot. And most of all... expect chaos.

Kusama is owned by the folks who hold Kusama tokens (KSM). There’s no central kill switch. The community rules the network through on-chain governance.

Security caveat: Kusama is experimental! There are no guarantees.

Who can participate in Kusama?


Those who participated in the Polkadot sales can claim a proportional amount of KSM through this claims process.

For those who didn’t participate in the Polkadot sale, KSM are publicly available after genesis through a faucet. Find out more here.

Public projects that need more KSM can request them by emailing

As a KSM holder, you are able to interact with all the features of Kusama network such as staking (validating and nominating), participating in governance, voting for council members, parachain auctions and all other interactions.


Additionally, Dot holders who have not claimed their KSM yet, can do so via the on-chain claims module.